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Social Media Marketing Management Dashboard - Hootsuite
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July 16, 2018
By: Fergus Baird
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Tracking the right Instagram analytics is essential for growing your audience and becoming more influential on the platform.

Instagram Insights, the app’s built-in analytics tool, is basic and easy to use, but as your following grows you’ll want something more robust to track your metrics.

Fortunately, there are plenty of external Instagram analytics tools that will give you a deeper look into your data. I’ve included a shopping list of these at the end of the guide!

Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps an adventure photographer used to grow from 0 to 110,000 followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

Important Instagram metrics to track

There are two broad metrics to consider on Instagram: Individual post metrics and account metrics .

Individual post metrics account metrics

Individual metrics reflect the performance of each photo or video post. Account metrics combine all the stats from your individual posts to track your Instagram success over time.

Impressions: Instagram reach percentage: Engagements: Impressions

Impressions data reveals how effectively you’re promoting your content. Using well-chosen and relevant hashtags will ensure your photos and videos reach a wide audience, improving your impressions score.

Instagram reach percentage

Optimizing hashtags is just one way to get more eyes on your Instagram feed. To increase your reach percentage, you’ll need to factor in other elements too, like picking the best time to post .

Instagram feeds don’t show content in chronological order anymore, but you can still take advantage of optimal posting times to generate engagement as soon as your post goes live. Instagram Insights will show you when your followers are most active so you can schedule your Instagram posts most strategically.

Requirements files are used to force pip to install an alternate version of a sub-dependency. For example, suppose ProjectA in your requirements file requires ProjectB , but the latest version (v1.3) has a bug, you can force pip to accept earlier versions like so:

Requirements files are used to override a dependency with a local patch that lives in version control. For example, suppose a dependency, SomeDependency from PyPI has a bug, and you can't wait for an upstream fix. You could clone/copy the src, make the fix, and place it in VCS with the tag sometag . You'd reference it in your requirements file with a line like so:

If SomeDependency was previously a top-level requirement in your requirements file, then replace that line with the new line. If SomeDependency is a sub-dependency, then add the new line.


It's important to be clear that pip determines package dependencies using skinny jeans Black Egrey Cheap Sale Discounts Finishline Online Shop Offer Cheap Price T1cqSMPmrL
, not by discovering requirements.txt files embedded in projects.

See also:

Constraints files are requirements files that only control which version of a requirement is installed, not whether it is installed or not. Their syntax and contents is nearly identical to Clearance Professional FRAME Rib Knit Short Sleeve Top Huge Surprise Pay With Visa Online Free Shipping Cheap Online XttxJ
. There is one key difference: Including a package in a constraints file does not trigger installation of the package.

Use a constraints file like so:

Constraints files are used for exactly the same reason as requirements files when you don't know exactly what things you want to install. For instance, say that the "helloworld" package doesn't work in your environment, so you have a local patched version. Some things you install depend on "helloworld", and some don't.

One way to ensure that the patched version is used consistently is to manually audit the dependencies of everything you install, and if "helloworld" is present, write a requirements file to use when installing that thing.

Constraints files offer a better way: write a single constraints file for your organisation and use that everywhere. If the thing being installed requires "helloworld" to be installed, your fixed version specified in your constraints file will be used.

Constraints file support was added in pip 7.1.

"Wheel" is a built, archive format that can greatly speed installation compared to building and installing from source archives. For more information, see the Wheel docs , PEP 427 , and PEP 425 .

PEP 427 PEP 425

Pip prefers Wheels where they are available. To disable this, use the --no-binary flag for pip install .

You are here: / ACMM / Accessing SMM

Welcome to the SMM User area. Before using SMM facilities, you must:

Welcome to the SMM User area.

When writing up your research, please remember to acknowledge the role of our facilities and expertise. Acknowledgments demonstrate that investments in equipment and people have led to important outcomes. Your publications, presentations, and posters are a vital part of the business case for ongoing funding of our microscopy facility. Here is a sample of correct acknowledgement: "The authors acknowledge the facilities and the scientific and technical assistance of the Australian Microscopy Microanalysis Research Facility at the Australian Centre for Microscopy Microanalysis at the University of Sydney."Please include the AMMRF logo in the 'acknowledgements slide' of your presentations. Please include our logo and the acknowledgement statement above in your posters. Download AMMRF logo .

SMM’s WHS Officer is Dr Takanori Sato , t. 02 9351 7541. Please contact Takanori if you have any questions or you need to report an incident.All incident reports must be submitted to WHS Injury Management within 24 hours of an incident. Please submit an Occupational Injury Illness or Incident Report Form , which is available on the University's WHS Injury Management website .Anyone wishing to undertake a project involving genetically modified organisms (GMO) must apply to the University of Sydney’s Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) for approval. For more information please refer to the Gene Technology Legislation page . Chem Alert II is an online chemical information database, which allows you to search for a chemical and then print a material safety data sheet (report) or label. A material safety data sheet for a substance contains information such as potential health hazards and first aid information, safe handling instructions, procedures for dealing with spills and advice on the appropriate protective equipment to be used.

Occupational Injury Illness or Incident Report Form
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SMM classifies users into one of three Categories to reflect their competency level on particular pieces of equipment. The details of this system will be explained by a SMM staff member in your New Project Meeting. A summary of the rights and responsibilities of each Category follows.

A Duty Microscopist is available 9am-5pm; Monday to Friday (excludes public holidays) to ensure you are using the microscope productively for the whole of your session and to solve any problems you encounter on the equipment. To contact the DM call 9351-7567.

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University of Sydney Users

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Download the Guide 10 Must Haves for Success
Download the Guide 10 Must Haves for Success
Download the Guide 10 Must Haves for Success
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TakeathenaClinicals to the Next Level with Ambra

Plug and play integration tightly couples Ambra cloud PACS with athenaClinicals, making it easy to manage all aspects of your practice seamlessly. Streamline image management between the EHR, onsite PACS, and outside sites.

The patient record, including imaging, should be unified and accessible from one web-based portal. Enter Ambra image management through athenaClinicals. With Ambra, it becomes simple to access images and test results in the cloud, avoiding time wasted faxing and sending records. You can view and interpret results from anywhere at anytime and customize reports and templates to accurately reflect interpreted data.

Easy to Deploy Cloud PACS Streamlines Image Exchange Ambra’s HIPAA compliant cloud-based PACS and image management platform integrated with athenaClinicals can handle all DICOM modalities including MR, CT, PET, CR, US, and MG. Non-DICOM imaging can be stored side-by-side with DICOM for a holistic view of all patient imaging. In addition, easily share imaging from modalities, web share, portals, and using our intuitive CD uploader.Admissions or check-in staff can upload a patient’s prior medical images from CDs with our easy-to-use one-click CD uploader so studies are available and PHI is synced before the patient is roomed, saving precious time during physician consults.

Easy to Deploy Cloud PACS Streamlines Image Exchange

Remove Error from Modality Worklist Ambra provides an HL7 interface to automatically populate order information from athenato your modality. This unique functionality saves time and manual error from technician order entries and ensures accurate patient protected health information (PHI) matching.

Remove Error from Modality Worklist

Zero-Footprint Viewer Provides Anytime, Anywhere Access View imaging anywhere with our zero-footprint viewer and improve productivity further with single-sign on, and embedded imaging in athena.Using Ambra’s browser-based mobile-friendly viewer, physicians can access patient images from any PC, Mac, or tablet, perform measurements, make annotations, compare images, and more.

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